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Is there a better visualization of Coulson's "15-colouring of 3-spaces omitting [monochromatic] distance one"? By John H. Conway, Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey, Jaan Parts, and Alexander Soifer

We have nothing to lose except everything - By Alexander Soifer

Truth, Like Water, Finds Its Way Out – By Alexander Soifer

The Secretive Life of the International Mathematics Union

Truth, like water, will find its way out: My Response to Günter Ziegler and the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung – By Alexander Soifer


April’s Issue 1 of Volume XXVIII was a Special Issue with pioneering essays by Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey, who constructs the first ever 5-chromatic unit-distance graph; Marijn J.H. Heule, who sets 6 consecutive world records in reducing the size of such graphs; and Geoffrey Exoo and Dan Ismailescu, who are arming themselves – and us – with tools for the next big step. You are welcome to use PayPal to start or renew your subscription.

For volume XXVIII we will have special pricing for the purchase of the volume, and for this volume only, you may purchase issue 1 individually.

Volume XXVIII can be purchased for 30% over the usual subscription rates or purchase the issue 1 only, for $29.